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Domestic/Family Law

The firm’s family law attorneys negotiate, mediate, and litigate matters of divorce and related issues, from alimony (spousal support and maintenance), child support, and child custody, to grandparent visitation rights. The firm also represents parties in post-divorce proceedings seeking modifications of divorce orders due to changed circumstances, such as when the income or needs of one of the spouse changes, or when one parent wishes to move away, which would impact the custody and visitation schedule.

Attorneys at the firm also represent clients in other family law matters, such as adoptions, paternity proceedings, and issues of domestic violence. Often, these issues will surface during a divorce and have to be dealt with as part of the divorce proceeding. For instance, only a legal father has the right to custody and visitation and the responsibility to pay child support. At the same time, allegations of domestic violence can result in denial of custody or visitation rights to the alleged abuser, or in some cases affect the property settlement or amount of support ordered. Step-parent adoptions can result in the termination of parental rights of a natural parent and also affect divorce orders. Capers, Dunbar, Sanders & Bellotti, LLP deals with these issues in divorce cases as well as in separate proceedings brought on their own.